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TheOne - 16.09.2011, 19:28 Uhr
Titel: kanotix-paste / pastebinit - pastebin service tool
Hello community,

it happens that some users have problems to use !paste service or they even couldn't browse the website. That's why I took a look to several pastebin service tools. One of that was pastebinit, that's already available in Debian's repository and it has support for pastebin service paste.debian.net. But the default service is pastebin.com.

That's why I made a little helper package "kanotix-paste". It installs everything and will be part of our next release. Who wants to use it right now just do the following:
apt-get update && apt-get install kanotix-paste
Now pastebinit is fully operational, but it will still use pastebin.com as service instead of Debian's. To change that you have to copy the necessary config file to your home.
cp /etc/skel/.pastebinit.xml ~/

You can use pastebinit in several ways. The easiest way is to forward everything with the pipe. For example, to paste your cpu specs you just type the following:
cat /proc/cpuinfo | pastebinit

Who wants more information about pastebinit, just take a look to the manpage Winken
man pastebinit

Have fun with it,


NOTE: The pastebin service paste.debian.net use some restrictions to avoid spam pastes. That's why every paste need 3 lines as minimum, otherwise pastebinit just give you the link to it's homepage, but no valid paste link.
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